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Major FNaTHQ Update

2017-05-11 18:26:38 by Jontohil2

So I decided to make some changes to the game that I felt I could have made before the game was released, and just make it better overall, I also wanted to make night 6 more special so I made some more graphical changes to it.

I also cut the main menu music in half for length, seeing as it went for 5 minutes and to make room for more content, nobody really would stay on the main menu that long...


Here is the changelog:

.Added more on camera rare occurrences
.Increased the speed of the camera and door animation
.Reworked night 6, just play it ;)
.Added more random sound effects
.The purple character can now be seen twitching once he leaves CAM 01 but only during nights four and after (and when he reaches the door... >:) )
.Added door indicators on camera to help make sure you don't forget you left a door closed
.Added some effects to the camera buttons to make them more responsive
.Fixed a glitch where the camera would be somewhat active after the power goes out or worse on the main menu which would softlock the game (This would happen if you hit the button for the camera right before a jumpscare or powerout happened)